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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Homecoming Weekend

Last weekend was all about me.  This weekend it was all about Kaylyn and Ian, my seventeen year old twins.  My daughter had about 15 friends over with their parents coming to take pictures here on Friday night.  I did get this picture of the two of them before my son ran off to his date's house for pictures.  The mirror on the mantel is a special touch my husband put in,  but it is tough with pictures--the flash would reflect back.  Luckily some of the boys were pretty tall to block the reflection.  Saturday their high school's football team was in the playoffs.  It was freezing--around 31 degrees and it was windy on top of that.  I really wanted to leave after watching my son perform with the band at half time, but it was a good game.  We stayed until the bitter end.  The score 21-20.  We won.  It was a home game.  It was a great celebration.  So, their homecoming game will be Thanksgiving with a state championship game at Rutgers the first weekend of December.  I need a new hat and mittens to take in these games.
Sunday, I took my daughter to Philadelphia for portfolio day.  I will have to talk about that tomorrow.  I am exhausted.  Even more tired than after Silver Bella, if that is possible.


Frippery said...

Beautiful twins. Wow, sounds like a lot of exciting times in your neck of the woods. Good luck to your daughter, can't wait to hear how portfolio day went. I know what that wait is like. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, hope your kid's team brings home a winner! Keep warm, Pam

faerie enchantment said...

Geralyn your twins are beautiful, Wow! How lucky to have twins, I have two good friends who are twins, They're the best!