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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hometown Thanksgiving

Our town has a parade Thanksgiving Eve.  The big Thanksgiving game is their Homecoming game.  There is a bonfire that follows.  It brings back a lot of memories of going to the parade in High School.  I can't believe it is my children's last parade.  I am so proud of my son.  He is the drum major.  He is the one in the white pants.  It is amazing and exciting to see him leading the band.  I can't really put into words what I'm feeling.  One thing I do know, I am so glad to have time to really enjoy this.  I have baked a pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie, two batches of shortbread and put a broccoli casserole in the fridge.  This is a nice pace compared to working and trying to fit all this in.   Anyway, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 


The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanks so much for your sweet comments!

Frippery said...

Geralyn, It's nice to hear that you are enjoying your "free" time. How exciting for your son to lead his band in the parade, (and a little sad that it is another last time) I loved your daughter's collage. Very creative, were those Tootsie Roll wrappers I spied? Too cool. Take care, Pam