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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 4

This was the sign I saw that stopped me in my tracks............
This picture does not do any justice for all the prettiness in this inn.  I always saw  the ads for this and this was the first time I visited.  It is an open house in a B &B in Lake Como, NJ.  Her last day is DEC 7 from 1-5.  For 27 years they ran this as an inn.  This year she just opened to the public for Christmas.  I really needed some live in person inspiration and got it here for sure.
You noticed I couldn't leave without this sweet house.  I also purchased a pin pictured up against my 24 days of Christmas book and a glittered bird.  Oh what fun it is......and she 
put everything in the snowman  bag she drew and hooked a candy cane on the side.  I can't to
start setting up a little village of houses I have discovered this year.

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