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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hope--Merry Christmas Baby

This was our view of Springsteen this summer. I was lucky to share the experience with my children. Last night we were in the 20th row-----Yes, Glen you did good.
Not too much insight here as far as hope goes. It went like this......It is called the Hope Concert. I love Bon Jovi. Southside Johnny and Bobby Bandiera, but is Springsteen goiing to show up.......I HOPE ao. Glen made me so happy buying these tickets. He kept on saying what could be better.....all the proceeds go to charity. I know but is Springsteen going to show up?????? I feel a little guilty about this, but in High School I used to think the same way. I never could afford or have the timing to get a Springsteen ticket. Last night though as the show went on it was bringing back all those memories. Tim Mcloone ended his set with "Your love keeps lifting me". I saw Springsteen perform that song in the same theatre 30 years ago. He dedicated the song to the audience. By the end of the song he was on top of the piano.....It still to this day the best performance I have ever seen in my whole life.....Last night came real close to that night.
All the performers were in the Christmas spirit. Southside and Bon Jovi sang three songs each.....Southside sang "I don't want to go home" very early.........Should we bring out the big man?????????????more teasing............the crowd sounds like they are they are yelling..............Bruce!!!!!!!!!!!!He doesn't disappoint. Out he comes and sings "Tenth Avenue Freezeout" My most favorite Springsteen song.....made me feel like it was 30 years ago (now that's a gift). Then he sang Santa Claus is coming to town and Merry Christmas Baby. The encore was everyone on stage singing "We're having a party"!!!!!!!!!! In my wildest dreams when I think back to High School I felt I was in a place,,,,,,maybe the best place on earth at the time. I never thought 30 years later I would have that same feeling again. There is nothing I have ever experienced as all of those great peformers on stage at the same time..............especially the horn players...........they are the best.


mascanlon said...

Oh my, it sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate the season. I love live concerts. I just wandered by way here from your comment on another blog. (Ali Edwards I think) I love your paper art and the blog header is so intriguing. Thanks for sharing your home and family, I don't have a blog (yet) but I'll be back. Peace, joy and love this season.

Frippery said...

I'm a Springsteen fan as well but haven't seen him live in years. Lucky girl. Merry Christmas, Pam