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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where we went in Paris

I love the first picture of my daughter in the last post---honestly I didn't want to post so I picked a picture I love of her, also. I call it "peace babe and the eiffel tower". This is my last post of Paris. I hope you enjoy it. Please say hi too, I'd love to hear who is out there in cyberspace.

I took so many pictures of the eiffel tower at night. Some great ones New years eve, but the tower is blue in the dark---not a good mix. This is the only one that came out---so sad.....if that's my best.

My battery went dead shortly after this I don't have that many digital pictures. I was able to take some with a thow away camera. But this is my best eiffel tower picture with my digital camera.

I am not a big fan of the pyramid building at the Lourvre---I really like the old architecture. I took this picture because with the arrows on the fence everything is pointing up---it is my optimist photo. Teresa on her blog My Minutia is giving lessons on Photoshop. I really need them. She is the best.

This one of the views looking up in the Louvre. I always buy postcards of my favorite paintings....Kaylyn would keep taking pictures of the ceiling saying you're not going to find a postcard of that. She was right but you are not really supposed to take pictures---everyone does though.

Most of my pictures I took at night---they didn't really come out too well. This is the Opera. I took it from the taxi. This building is my favorite. The gold heads are Bach, Mozart, Beethoven etc...

The creche at Notre Dame....nothing like I expected for a almost 1,000 year old church. I guess that's why I don't visit the contemperary art wings in Musuems any more either......I like old stuff. This was such a surprise to me.

It was beautiful to see the Christmas decorations especially at places like Notre Dame. The tree was huge, but with the Massive church behind it, it doesn't look so big--does it? This is it for Paris pictures so if you have stopped by, please say hi!! I am going to be home all weekend and I am feeling a little lonely.


Maria said...

you are such a lucky girl. Paris looks beautiful. Love the collage on your banner. I love Marie Antoinette. Talk to you soon partner.

hugs, Maria

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Geralyn! I really enjoyed seeing your photos and reading about your trip to Paris. It's such a lovely place to spend with your family...especially on a holiday. Such great memories that will last a lifetime. Don't feel lonely silly girl, you know we are always here checking on you!!!!
Have a great weekend,

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello there!! The pictures of Paris look great!

Debby Schuh said...

Yeah! I can leave a comment! I love your pictures. I was in Paris for one day once. Can't wait to return...your pictures reminded me of how beautiful it is!

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Ooh la LA! What grand photos!~~~XXOO, Beth

Rhondamum said...

What wonderful pictures! I love Paris and can't wait to visit again one day. So glad you found me, and that I have found you. Look forward to getting to know you even more! xoxo Rhonda...