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Friday, February 13, 2009

Shine Baby Shine

This is a thrill of a heart was beating so fast.  I am thinking how is my son feeling leading his high school band down main street in Disney.  It is just so exciting.  It is a beautiful day here in Disney.  I tried to get some good shots, but everytime there was something good behind the band I was shooting the picture directly into the sun.  This was the best shot---thank goodness for photopass!
Sharing a moment I hope you will understand, because my husband is sure I am nuts at this point.  So what, I have a blog. I like to keep up with it, I had a word for the year and it is SHINE, so what's wrong with walking into the bathroom at the Dolphin hotel in Disney and gasping with excitement when I see the word all over the toiletries.  Please oh please understand my moment and reassure me I am NOT crazy.......thanks!!!


Frippery said...

Love the Shine and I totally get it. Congrats on your talented son. I am envying the warm weather. Hugs, Pam

SILVER said...

hotel toiletries! always the first things i check out when our family arrive at any hotels.. and congrats ..i'm sure it's an exciting time.



Jodie LeJeune said...

Feeling your pride girl...what a great experience, for ALL of you! Glad we could come along and share your excitement!

Sandi said...

Of course, we totally understand! What a great trip and thanks for sharing it with us
VictorianGypsy (who is wishing she could be anywhere it isn't cold and icy)