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Monday, March 16, 2009


     I was able to score some more good buys on ebay.....I was like a little kid at Christmas when each of these boxes arrived.  They were really great buys and I have a lot in mind to get some craftiness going with these Victorian Ladies.  I  just got my last shipment before I got the Fashion Plate CD from Lisa.  When I opened the CD and there were 350 images including Marie Antoinette I was so happy....I couldn't wait to get started.  In the collage below in true Victorian fashion I saw a feather on the ground....resisted picking it up.....but what the heck I was with my mom and she just smiled when I put it in my pocket.  So I was happy to put a real feather on the collage below.
I was so excited to see some pink and green images--I was able to find some paper and ribbons and get right to work.

     So I have been going on and on about the CD from Lisa Kettel and I thought it would take a couple of weeks to have some things made to show you.  I surprised myself and crafted each morning this weekend.  I have a lot more in the works, but I was able to finish two pieces.  I didn't know much about the new magazine launch of Marie by Somerset---I keep seeing some snippets----I can't wait!!!!!!!  In anticipation I am crafting like crazy.  I have decided in April to change from a Spring and Easter theme and devote my banner and etsy shop to Marie.  There is a Marie Antoinette mail art network I joined last night.  Under some encouragement from you I will try to host my first swap.  It will be a Marie Antoinette Artist Trading Card swap so you have time to think about it.  I am off to make some more creations----I haven't had so much fun creating in a looong time.


Frippery said...

Geralyn, I am so excited about your swap! Great work. I know how you feel about holiday decorating once the kids are older. It isn't as much fun. But you are creating which is more than I can say. I have to get motivated, your post helped. Thanks, Pam

Tiedupmemories said...

Ooh how fun! Looks like you have been a busy beaver and went right to work! I love the added feather! The swap sounds fun!

Amber said...

Love the sweet Victorian ladies...and Ebay! =D

Jodie LeJeune said...

I'm IN...I'm dog gone sure you count me IN on your Marie swap! I don't know anything about Marie but I did tour Versailles while we were in France...little did I know everyone would be Marie fanatics here!
I LOVE atc's so I cannot wait!!! You are such an inspiration...I'm so excited!
everything vintage
ps...your new creations are beautiful!!!! I was checking to see if you listed them on Etsy and I ended up buying the FANTASTIC LACE TIN FULL OF GOODIES!!! Oh, Etsy surfing can be SO dangerous for my little PayPal account!

okay, my paragraph is LONG enough...I'm out of here! tee hee!

Maria said...

Geralyn count me in on your swap. Sounds fun.

hugs, Maria

Bee Serendipitous said...

You Go Girl!!...awesome work, I have to say I'm starting to like this gal Marie..she must have been one heck of a gal - to have sooo many groupies/followers....would there be room for me in your swap....I think it would be a lot of fun...can't wait...Grace & Peace 2 "U" QBeeC aka Me Marlene :O) ps I love your goodies from ebay...I too went treasure hunting yesterday in a fantastic Antique/Junk shop the best