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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shell Seeker

     So, at the end of my walk I resolved it was OK I didn't find much--it was mid- afternoon afterall.  Then I saw it, still in the water gleaming (the piece of sea glass in the right corner).  Wouldn't it be perfect with a picture where the oval is with the rays coming from the picture--and soldered.  The lines of the bottle made a SHINE image naturally--I am instantly grateful and love my find and when I bend down to pick it up there is a sand dollar right next to it.  Again a simple walk on the beach is the simplest reassurance that life is good and full of surprises.
      I love the subject of inspiration......I never think of myself as an artist, but I do think of myself as a queen of inspriration of sorts.  I love to be inspired by my family(my husband just brought me breakfast in bed--even if it was green eggs I had to be the taste tester---My daughter's play Suessical is at the end of the week and we are hosting the cast party---serving green eggs and ham, of course), my friends, travels, music, food, stores, nature, my home, wardrobe and the list goes on and on.
     When I graduated college everything came into focus.  I knew what I loved and it really hasn't changed.  Every piece of clothing even if it is 10 years old---I still love it.  I love the blue and white china I picked out when we were married.  I loved the rug I picked out when I was pregnant with a girl and boy twins(it was pink and blue) of course.  I guess what I am saying is when you are truly inspired your tastes don't change much.
     I wanted to share my great week last week and what truly inspired me.  Jodie was my first etsy customer and Pam was my third.  I jumped up and down when I saw an etsy sale on my email.(I was ready to have my daughter order something so I knew it worked).    Jodie and Pam inspire me everytime I blog.  I know they are out there cheering me on.  When I think Helloooooo  is anyone out there---I always can count on them for a nice  and inspiring comment.
     I also love when Artists I follow leave me a comment such as Rhonna Farrer, Janet Hopkins and Sandra Evertson.  I am glad I have been alone in the house when I read this, because I let out a squeal in delight and run to my phone to call my friend Zandra.  She understands my excitement.
     Stacey Panaassidi has inspired me because she started a grateful everyday site on Facebook.  Now, I can write down what I am grateful for everyday----that is the best way to start your day.  No matter had bad things are you can always be grateful for something!
    There are more but I wanted Wanda also to know--how much reading about her etsy endeavors has encouraged me to sell on etsy.  She is also always in the know for the latest and greatest swaps---which I find great fun and inspiring.
      Oh and I can't not mention Lisa Kettel, her book is great......I look at it every night and her 
CD...... I still would be thinking what should I make today---but with that great fashion mode cd I have been creating almost everyday.
    Can you believe this post was supposed to be about Monet and the ocean and how they inspire me??????  I just wanted to let all of my friends know how much your good words, travels to 7 mile yard sales, visits to cities like Cincinnati, house of 3, somerset magazines and oh the awards and tags.  They mean a lot to me.  I am choosing not to participate in awards and tags(not a good feeling ---not happy by my decision,) but whenever I go to give it to 7 more people---- you  are who I would give it to----I should have a boomerang award to thank you for awarding me with a tag or award---I 'll have to think about it.  You know like Ellen akkkka right back at you!   Ok enough----I want to leave you with this.  To all my friends who inspire me:  " you are like  perfect shells--you are all keepers"


Jodie LeJeune said...

Geralyn my friend, words cannot express how thankful and lucky I am that I came across your blog and got to know you.

I look forward to reading about you everyday, wondering what surprises you have in store for us!!!!

Thank YOU for the kind words, this was such a sweet post and I am sure all of these girls you mentioned feel the same way I do.

Life is so good when you are surrounded by friends! I'm honored to have YOU! :)

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Linda J said...

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Wanda said...

You are so sweet. I'm so glad we had adjoinging booths at Silver Bella. I was so happy when you finally took the plunge and opened your need to list some of those neat handmade items like you sold at Bella. I'm glad to have been some help to someone. :)

Bee Serendipitous said... is we who should be thanking you...I think I can say this - I know that there are a lot of bloggers out there that feel the same way about you - you MAKE us feel special...and it is you that fills that void for me, when I think is there anyone out there looking at my blog IN blOZ lAnd. You are truly an INSPIRATION and AN ARTIST....thank you like the sea glass and sand dollar you too are a treasure...Peace 2 "U" :O) Marlene

Frippery said...

Geralyn, I think meeting you at Silver Bella was fate. Kindred spirits don't always get to connect. I am so glad we did. Thanks so much for this lovely post, you inspire me because you really are Creative Every Day. I love to see what you are up to each time I read your posts. It gives me a little push in the creative direction. I consider you an artist and a friend. Love, Pam