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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spinging into Action

So, this is what I have been doing lately,  you can see I did start a 52Q book, and have neglected it for a few weeks....that's Ok---it's ok to do a few weeks at a time...I like that....I finished the Marie above on the violet paper this morning.  I am going to move on to making some bigger wall hangings and greeting cards--feels good to have a focus.
I would think I would be able to wait and put these up on Etsy in April---but, I am just so excited about them I have to do a preview fashion show of sorts.
     Did I mention how much fun I am having making these......they are my Queens of Inspiration.  Every night I try to read some quotes from Marie Antoinette and find them sad---not so inspirational.....but she was the Queen of Fashion and maybe I will just stick with that.  I am working on some greeting cards---thought they would make regal thank you cards and Mother's Day Cards......Gotta get back to playing.......


Jodie LeJeune said...

Oooo~they are fabulous! Glad you are having sooo much fun and being so creative!!!! It feels good doesn't it???

Yeah, I don't know what the "big deal" about Marie is...she screwed the people of France and had her head cut off...not really a mentor in my book. But, fashion? Maybe so~only in that era of course.

I LOVE YOUR SPRING BANNER. I know you posted about it a while back but it looks fabulous on your header!!!

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Frippery said...

Love them Geralyn. I agree with Jodie about Marie.She was kind of clueless. I think the fascination is how over the top she was while everyone else was starving. Hmmm, somehow that sounds familiar lately. But I digress, I love that you are busy as a bee in your art room, making beautiful things. I always look forward to your changing inspiration board. Hope the weather is warming up in Jersey, Hugs, Pam

Tiedupmemories said...

They look so lovely!So does your header banner! I love the Spring Banner too!Keep those creative juices flowing!

Cassandra said...

These are beautiful! Lovely blog!

faerie enchantment said...

These look gorgeous! So vintage chic.

I believe there is always more to the story then we know, Marie Antoinette frivilous nature was inspirational in a fashion sense, but her reign wasn't good for the people as a whole.

However those fashion plates always inspire my fashion side, with all the lace, and Parisian flair, I can't help but decorate with them in my vintage works, so timeless.

P.S. When is Parcel?

Bee Serendipitous said...

Geralyn, Your works of art are master pieces...and I too LOVE your SPRING banner...spring is popping up all little daffodils are sprouting and shouting "I'm here" with their sunny looking the song "keep on trucking" melody goes - your lyrics should be "Keeping Creating"...10 Four Good Buddy...have an awesome night! Marlene aka QBeeC :O)

Wanda said...

They look great. Man, everyone always rips MA a new one. There is always more to a person than we'll ever know. If you do make some cards, don't forget to post them. :)

Marie Reed said...

That does sound regal! I always watch the movie when Francois is out of town:) I sit down with a box of macaroons and a mini bottle of champagne and indulge!

Wanda said...

Okay...two comments in one are going to hate me soon. :) Tag you are it....head to my blog.

dragonflydreamer said...

You are very talented! I love the Marie Antoinette masterpieces. She was so young, yet the fashion of the day was to wear those white wigs that made everyone look so much older. Your Spring banner has inspired me to make one of my own to bring some much needed cheer into our home. Thank you for the beautiful message. I am trying to get back into feeling creative and I am so happy I dropped by to see all the beauty you are creating.

Stephenie said...

Love your collages. They look so pretty. I found your blog through Everything Vintage. I must say, you have a very pretty blog. I love your banner also.