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Monday, April 27, 2009

I don't hate Mondays

Each time I reached into the box i kept finding a prettier package---is that possible?  But look what a wonderful presentation this was.  I was going to be a tease and not show what was in the packages until the next day.  I changed my mind as I started opening.  I couldn't wait to show you and put all of it on my Inspiration Board.  I feel like a Queen.  Two packages in one day and they are both perfect for me.

This was a bits and baubles collage swap.  Samantha went over the top and sent these spectacular gifts also.  The tags she also included were from Bluebird Lane.  I am going to have to check them out. 
Samantha, you are so talented!!!!!  I love this.  Thank you so much for being such a wonderful swap partner.  You were so generous.  
My swap partner for the pink and green swap was April Ortiz from artchics.  I knew she was going to be a great partner from her blog.  Everything including her logo labels are pink and green.  I really can't believe I had the self control not to rip open all of the packages.  Thank you April for being such a great swap partner.
I love the birdie and the bird house.  That will be my theme next month for my inspiration board.
Oooooh, I just love everything and needed whatever I recv'd.  I even rev'd another chipboard box to alter.
I had to put the little pink and green suitcase on top of my crop case----Am I going to be the envy of every cropper or what?
I have few words for my swap partners, because I am in awe!!!!!!!  Oh my gosh, I am like a little kid at Christmas.  Taking pictures was torture....I just wanted to open everything right away.  I did take pictures.  It was like stopping and smelling the roses.  Whatever I planned to do today came to complete stop.  I changed my inspiration board right away while I was inspired and in the mood.  Happy Monday or Happy Swapday or Happy Mood Board day or whatever your day was I hope it was happy. 


Frippery said...

It is just like Christmas and a Birthday all rolled together, Wow Geralyn, great stuff and I know you will put it all to good use. Hugs, Pam

Bee Serendipitous said...

You are sure one lucky gal...everything looks awesome..I think I would call today "Monday Mood's are Swap"tastic"...have fun with all your goodies and I love your board...have a honey of a day & may sweet things come your way (and they did) Marlene aka "QBeeC" :O)

Samantha said...

So glad you liked it Geralyn! The Marie swap was fun! And your pink and green swap looks like it was fun many pink and green pretties!

YSLGuy said...

I love that Marie board. You got some amazing items, everything is so cute.

Rosemary said...

All so pretty!!

dragonflydreamer said...

Happy, happy! I just love to see all of the gorgeous goodies people send in a swap or happy mail. It amazes me how happy it makes the giver and the receiver. This community of creative women has forever changed me from a lonely isolated woman to a very happy and grateful woman. Thanks for sharing your goodies with us.

Anonymous said...

hey chick! OMG I wish I was going to silver bella so bad. To much went on last year and made us low on the cash. been trying to get our house furniture built back up but man it take more money then we thought! lol I am having a sell of craft supplies and vintage things to help me get money to buy a dinner tabel and rug! hope to see you there! big hugs