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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day 100th Post

My friend Zandra called me yesterday to join her at a crop she goes to almost every Friday.  It is hosted by Debbie who has a dream of a basement.   About 5 tables all ready for scrapping......she has everything set up perfectly.....every cutting machine imaginable.  There were probably  10 happy scrappers attending last night.  At first when Zandra called I said no........then I went back to my room to FINISH cleaning up   and I thought about it and called her back and said I am going!!!!!  I am so glad I did.  One of my piles was of things I would like to make  some day.  I grabbed one project and put it in my bag.  I am so happy I did.  It was a joy to share an evening with these ladies talking about their woes, joys, pets, kids, and the latest reality television.  I also while chatting was able to make a card for my mom and this book.  It is a gift for myself of all the things I wanted to share with my family.  The feeling of being so proud and just the joy of all their talents bring me.  Most of all the gift was to actually do something and not just think about it.
      In this book I shared my thoughts and some quotes to my family of how they are truly my most cherished watch them grow and be amazed by their talents is the best gift in the world.
     This trip to Washington DC with my husband and children has this special meaning to me now.  First, it meant so much to go to an art museum and share with them my love for art.  But, the biggest gift was to watch their love bloom.  They were acting as if they saw rock stars when they saw paintings they had learned about in school.  The excitement was great and they were in a frenzy taking pictures.  It is one of my most favorite memories with my family---very spontanious and unexpected.  It is also the day I discovered Paper Source in Georgetown and I am so super excited to start working for them in a week.  I fly to Boston for my first week of training.  I can't wait!!!!!

     These were pictures I had tucked in all different corners and I decided to make a little vignette.  They are my grandmother(the portrait and the one kicking up her heels) and the one with the ivy is Glen's grandmother(she lived to be 100).  The little one on the bike is me and the other little one is my brother, sister and I.  I put them all together and it turned out to be a shrine of sorts---but, I love it!!!!!  It brings such joy everytime I look at it.   I used to have a shrine to the blessed Mother in May and make a crown of flowers for her---It reminds me of those times.  My tribute to generations of Moms.  I didn't have any black and white pictures of my mom, but that is ok we are spending three days together away, just the two of shrine needed just an appreciated time together just the two of us----what a gift!!!!!
     I have so much to celebrate this Mother's Day.  Most of all I am celebrating my 100th post of blogging.  My life is so much richer with blogging in it.  I find every day it is easier to find something to share with my readers.  My week cleaning out my craft space was rewarding.  Everything is not in its place or perfect......I still have three piles to go through and find a space for.  But, I was able to make a couple of things with my piles last night and I feel like I accomplished a lot this week.   Today is the last day to be entered in my 100th post Rose Giveaway---please leave a comment or follow me to be entered.   Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!


YSLGuy said...

Thanks for sharing the memories of your family!

Frippery said...

Geralyn, I am so glad you are taking time for yourself. It is hard to pull away from what you feel you "should" be doing and get out with friends. What an amazing book and the photo shrine is wonderful. I used to have a shrine to the Blessed Mother as well. I would put vases of wildflowers there in May. We have my mother in law's concrete statue of Mary in our front yard. I think I will weave a crown for her today. Happy 100th post and happy Mother's Day! Love, Pam

Jodie LeJeune said...

Congrats on your 100th post and how perfectly fitting for Mother's Day.

Actually Geralyn, your last 100 posts have been a blessing to us readers as you've brought so much joy and creativity to blogging!

So I want to thank you for always sharing your creativity, joys, triumphs, and every day beauty with me...I look forward to each and every one of your posts!

I hope you spend some quality time with your Mother and I hope that your children spoil you rotten this weekend!

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sew revived said...

Geralyn, Have a wonderful Mother's Day! You write so beautifully and it's always from the heart!
Good luck on your new job! How exciting!

dragonflydreamer said...

Happy Mother's Day, Geralyn. I'm so happy you decided to join your friends and blog about it. I can relate to opting out of opportunities for connection so I could clean and organize. I love the book you made and I feel the same way about my kids. I'm really excited about your new career with PaperSource and looking forward to seeing photos and hearing all about it. Have a wonderful day!

Linda said...

I hope that you had a wonderful Mothers Day, a love the shrine with all the family photos, what a great idea.
Best wishes.

Debby said...

Congrats on your 100th post. Love what you done with the beautiful family photos.