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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Off the beaten track

We made a stop  off the train last night on the way home.  The manager we worked with made a recommendation and we are so glad she did.  In this cute little part of Chicago is Armitage Avenue in Lincoln Park.  We were in love with this street.  It was a Victorian Main Street.  The tops of the buildings were all different shapes.  There is a Paper Source on this street, also.
We had dinner at Minnie's.  That was the cutest meal I ever had.  It is hard to see the size.  But, everything was mini size.   I had the cute little grill cheese sandwiches.  They also had mini pizzas, burgers etc.  The martinis and beers looked adorable and cold!  The cupcakes above were tiny was a fun place to have dinner.
Believe it or not this was a chocolate shop called Voges Haut Chocolat. They travel the world through chocolate featuring chocolate covered tortilla chips and I couldn't leave without the flying pig which is chocolate covered bacon.......mmmmmm..............mmmmmaybe?????  The tree in the middle was a japanese wish tree.  You were supposed to write a wish and tie it on the tree for seven nights in a row and then wish upon the just was a store like I have never seen in my life.  Fun times!!!!!!


Wanda said...

That Minnie's is too cute. I want to eat there or make just make tiny food all weekend. :) I'm so glad you are enjoying your traning. I'm so happy for you and that you got the job. I can't wait for your store to will show us a few pics, won't you?

Frippery said...

Chicago is a wonderful city. I will have to check these places out next time I visit sis-in-law. Thanks for the sweet comment. How are your kids? Excited and looking towards the future I am sure. You have lots of good things going on in your life right know. I am happy for you. Enjoy! Hugs, Pam

dragonflydreamer said...

Yes, it's so wonderful to be able to watch such a deserving woman bloom and thrive. I remember being so inspired when I first found your blog and read "I have a dream"...isn't the realization of it so sweet. I really enjoy following your adventures. Your store is going to be so successful and so many blog friends will be finding excuses to go to NJ to shop at Paper Source, yaay!

YSLGuy said...

I love Voges Haute Chocolat. They sell some of them at Whole Foods.