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Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer at it's BEST

This is how my day started.....I wanted to line envelopes for Ian and Kaylyn's Graduation Thank You notes.  But, most of all I wanted to soak up the sun.
So, I brought everything I needed out and I got started.......I loved started the day like this.  I was able to do some laundry.  I brought everything inside and my husband and I shared lunch and dinner was the perfect day.......My favorite part of the day was perfect Jersey corn eaten outside.....the weather was wonderful.
I ended the day with a visit from my friend Zandra.  We try to get together on Sunday nights to scrap together.  I think we are up to 4 years----it could be longer????  We put the last of our charms on the bracelet swap.  I wish I could remember to have links by me when I post......Zandra has dived into the blogosphere----I have to include a link sometime soon!!!!!


Linda said...

Glad you had a great weekend. I wanted to soak up the sun as well, but instead was too busy running in and out from various activities. Maybe this week... the warmth is finally returning here.

Be blessed,

Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh you have THE LIFE girlfriend! ;)
I peeped in on Zandra's blog last night and it is sooo cute...glad she's in blogland!!!!!
Well, let me let you go so you can get back to your wonderful life! tee hee! I'm so happy for you girl~
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kana said...

Soaking up the sun and crafting sounds just wonderful!!

Rhondamum said...

If I lived there I would be doing the exact same thing. What a beautiful yard. My girls would love it. Hope the rest of your summer is full of many more days like this one! xoxo Rhonda...