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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time to take down the decorations

It is my first day off since Sunday.  Lots of laundry to get done.....decorations to take down.....and some how still have energy to cook dinner.  I have been so tired.  This time of year I compare myself to a bear.  I just want to sleep.   But,  I like to post something on my day off too.  I wanted to include the words to the song from my last I found this on Woodfish's web site.  When I heard the song which is in the video below.....I still can't believe it feels like the soundtrack to the year 2009.  My word was shine....and the way the song goes with the Shine......down on me......another moment.  I just love it!!!!!!!
I am looking forward to the year 2010 and telling MY story.  It will be historical, not very juicy. Since this is public and I don't have anyone's permission to include will be just that...MY story.  The towns I have lived in.  The places I have worked and where I have went to school.  More like a resume with photos.....just pictures of my life.  I have many postcards of these I will tell my story through postcards linking to Postcard Friday and through photos.  When we were driving home from the Stone Pony on Sunday I was wondering if I am setting myself up for boredom by picking a word AGAIN.  I loved SHINE so much......but, maybe it will be a year where we will all shine again.....I will look at it that way!


Frippery said...

I can't wait to read your story Geralyn!

Celestial Charms said...

Telling "your story" will be very rewarding for your soul. I'm looking forward to that and to see all your postcards. I love old postcards. Your story will SHINE through you, onto your posts. Have fun with it.
Your friend,

sew revived said...

Wishing you a "SHINE-Y" New Year!

Anonymous said...
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