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Monday, April 26, 2010

It's been a long long time

This is  the most time that has gone by in between posts........luckily as you can see I have been busy.......still no batteries always need to be charged on my days off.....and seeing how busy my children are definitely energizes me.   This is a show Kaylyn is in at her school.  It is a recycling theme.
This is a painting of her future roommate.....they share the pink streak in their hair.   The background is scratch off lottery tickets.......these were from Easter Dinner.....Now, that the kids are bigger my Mom brings scratch offs for holiday one has won more than $20 with all those tickets......I wonder how long that tradition will last..........but, it does make a cool background.....I just love that Kaylyn thinks of these things.....she did not see it somewhere and copy the idea........very impressive!!!!
Our favorite part was seeing people look at her work........very exciting!!!!!!!
Ian played this weekend at the Stone Pony with the band Woodfish......don't have the link with their website....but, if you google Woodfish they include him as a member on their Proud of these two.   I love the sound of the group too......they are not a cover band they play their own music!!!!!  Again so exciting.....
Participated in a May Flowers tag swap......aren't all of these lovely????
Tussy Mussy swap.......I think I had the best partner.....I love all and everything and especially love all that was made by Maria.

Went to see the jazz ensemble Ian played in......and this is all outside of working at Paper Source.   We have been non stop at work......not one lull every day.....It is good to be busy!!!!  The town had Communiversity on Saturday.....the street is closed with vendors and the amount of people who come into town is beyond comprehension.  We had a successful Girls Night Out on Earth Day.  It was recycling and it was a great group of women and full of ideas to use old catalogs and calenders in making flowers, paper folding, card making and using the Silhouette. Yes, we are selling the Silhouette machine online now.  Phew......I am tired just thinking about everything.  I have today and tomorrow off and I am off to a great start.......first things first was to catch up on my blog.  I have some crafting to do and will share with pics soon!!!!!


Linda said...

Loved seeing the pictures and reading news from you. :) Your kids are so talented!! What a blessing. ♥

Glad everything is going well, albeit busy. It's difficult juggling all of our many different tasks, isn't it? But, it's fun. :)
Blessings to you,

Crafty Gal Linda said...

Thanks for the update! I love hearing about your kids and school as you know I have a special place in my heart for U of Arts. Your new blog look is wonderful too!

zandra said...

Love, love, love Kaylan's painting! Can't believe they'll be home soon. We go get Gabby next week! Teaching next sunday. Let me know when is the next time you are off.
Hugz, Z

marie said...

You have soem very talented children!! That painting is great and what a clever idea! Looks like they keep you busy for sure.

I'm so glad that you like your Tussie Mussie swap items...I love making & gathering things up for you! Your tag swap looks like it was fun too!

Frippery said...

I have been behind too but I don't have the great excuses you do! Wow, what a busy life you have right now. Your kids are definitely talented and you should be bursting with pride. Hugs, Pam

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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