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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Happy ending

 When people give you things......for me the fear is niece and I started rubber stamping some of the silk pieces in the bag........
So, Kate brought all of these bags full of pom poms and trims.  When she took me to her car....she had a license plate that said gd krma for good karma and had things written on her car like create good karma and make magic....and when I saw all of these goodies.....I was Denise can make some really pretty cakes with all of this stuff.  So, I looked at Kate and asked what made her think of me.......she said she was looking for an etsy type person and she typed in Etsy and Asbury Park and my new store and blog came up.  I thought I would open up the sharing and free for the taking for whoever signs up for Denise's class.  Due to a scheduling conflict we have to postpone the class.  I don't have a new date yet.  So, in honor of good karma...............if you read this blog.......and you see anything you want (it is a terrible picture............there are piles of seam binding tape.....rick rack.....pom pom is a dream......and it is free for the taking!!!!  Just come to the store during store hours and we will go through the loot....and if you want's yours.  My daughter, niece and I took what we wanted and didn't even make a dent!!!!!   Come and get it!!!!!!!!!!  So, when my niece went through the bags and pulled what she wanted.....she was walking towards the door and the back of her shirt read...............good karma!!!!!


Pam @ Frippery said...

I have been blog catching up. What an amazing story. Good Karma is indeed ruling your world. You are getting back what you have put out there! Wish I was closer, it would be awesome to take Kate's class! Enjoy all the goodness coming your way, you deserve it! Hugs, Pam

Sandi said...

I so wish I lived nearby. I just am so envious of you to have such a great new friend who is so generous.

keep the Good Karma.


Nancy said...

Oh, my. What a find!

Celestial Charms said...

Wow, would I love to delve into those bag of goodies! Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is coincidence.