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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Featured on Readers Share on Crescendoh

I was surprised to find out I was featured on Crescendoh yesterday.  I wrote to them and they accepted what I wrote, but they contacted me and  I needed to send more.  I became very busy with a lot of unexpected issues.  Every week after my two days off filled to the brim with errands and chores and more....I was surprised that a couple of months went by.  So, I was thrilled they went with what I originally sent them and just picked some pictures from my blog.  I have been so busy making the scrapbooks from record album covers.  I sold the Springsteen one I featured on Saturday night.  A local group is performing Rocky Horror one of the actors was in the store and I showed him what I made.  He ordered it on the spot....I have it all ready for him.  I included some postcards and posters from their much fun!!!!  Glen is now cutting the covers for me so I just have to pick out papers and do the binding, so it is going much faster.  I have some Disney ones to make when I get back to the store on Wednesday.  I am looking forward to really enjoying the holidays.  I love being out with the public and helping people with their holiday shopping.  I will miss Silver Bella this year, but I always do a lot of blog hopping to look at pictures. I have the tree up and some lights up for the holidays and will share with pictures soon.


Cheryl F said...

Very nice article Geralyn!! To be able to follow your dream and do it together with the support of your family is priceless!!! How lucky are you!! Can't wait to get back to your store and see what you have made for the holidays!! ;0)

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Congratulations, Geralyn!

Diana P. said...

Congratulations! I'm going to go read it now!

Inspire Others said...

Hi Geralyn,
I just finished reading your Art Saves story and I hope you never stop creating your beautiful greeting cards to share with others. They are very inspiring! Keep on creating art. My story will be feature in Nov 23, 2010 I hope to see you by my blog too ;-))) Greetings from "Inspire Others" by MoMeMa