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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lucky Day + Snow = Snowy Day

So, yesterday the pictures for 4 stores were posted on retail details facebook page......if you are on facebook.....please like my store......and share. You can find the link on my profile or you can like the retails details page. I really loved all the props they sent and it was fun to use them. I was inpsired to make some new jounals. They are on the top center. They are old postcards of Asbury Park with music notes overlayed on top. This is because the theme for Asbury Park is where music lives.
This window features the clocks, bowls and bookends that my husband Glen makes out of record albums. They kept him super busy over the holidays.........every Saturday the wall would be full of clocks and every Sunday was spent replenishing the wall.
I couldn't move the tree out of the window so we made it a little more festive to help ring in the new year.
Yesterday was 1/11/11......was it lucky for anyone? I did buy a win for life scratch off ticket but I haven't played it yet......waiting for the right moment. Well.......we did get some snow....but, nothing like last week's storm... The media was crazy with this one.....calling it a weather was 6" of icey yuckiness.......I am going to outside soon to get to the store today by noon. I want to thank Retail Details for sponsoring this fun contest. I love the chandelier, top hat, clock and word clings sent by MidWest. The prizes for this contest are from Gully's and the Display Lab.....and Country Business magazine promoted the contest.

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Pam @ Frippery said...

Looks fantastic Geralyn!!! I will definitely "like" your display. Sadie has been playing with making things from the mass amount of old LPs we have around here too. So fun!