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Friday, May 6, 2011

Crosby, Still, Nash & Young - Teach Your Children

Last night someone who works at Convention Hall put it best....."You haven't even been open for two weeks and you had Graham Nash shopping in your store" and I liked how Graham told me how cool it was.......and I honestly I wasn't positive it was him until I confirmed it after he left. So, when David Crosby came by it was a different story......He found the scrapbook I made out of his record cover....the one above and he explained how it was the most expensive record cover ever made ( I believe it!) and in the beginning each picture was individually applied and then they started to make copies of the whole cover to produce it more efficiently......I asked if he would sign it and he did on the inside picture of him on the cover. Then the stage manager came by (he also manages Jackson Browne).......and we talked for awhile.... he later came by with tickets and we had a great night listening to the sounds of our think of how I would fantasize about my future listening to Our House......written in 1966........and how my life has turned out......I am hugely surprised at how I love my life and all who fill my house.......even if it is a mini dachshund and not two cats.


Linda said...

How cool is that! Love it! Love that song - most all of their songs in fact - and this was a joy to read about. My husband, Jim, told me once when we were listening to .. teach your children.. that he and his brothers and sisters used to perform this song for his parents. His parents are long gone from the earth, but that sweet memory remains.
Wishing you all the best!
Linda :)

Della said...

Wow! you are a lucky lady! So, are you keeping the scrapbook now?

Geralyn Gray said...

Yes!!!! And we are going to use it to keep any other autographs we get!!!!!