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Friday, September 30, 2011

Loving the Vibe in Asbury Park

Shepard Fairey is in town!!!! This is the view north of Convention Hall. You can actually see some of this from the windows of our building. Last night we went to the opening and there is more work that went up on the side of Asbury Lanes and you can see it through the Gallery's windows. The art is based on records and I love it!!!!!! The Gallery Show is here along with All Tomorrow's Parties a weekend long music festival featuring Portishead from England. This will bring thousands of people to town and it looks like we are ready for them!!!  Would you like to purchase work from Shepard Fairey?  You can find many works available for sale here:  Artsy

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Beach House Living said...

Hope your store is "rockin" with business...pun intended.