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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We're out of the gate

And we are off............Glen and I enjoying the first day the store is closed since May. I started setting my goals........Weight Watchers for a start and creating. First thing is to get an order out from the weekend.....then I am making boxes. Glen just bought 50 at the flea market this weekend.....a little too many for me. But, I will keep busy for a while and the different shapes are inspiring. I heard a good quote last weekend that really rings true for me.....can't remember it's exact words. It was Nils Lofren the bass player for Bruce Springsteen and how Bruce's music is the landscape of his fan's lives......I loved the way that sounded. Since, our store is all about records and music......this is so true for us. Not, just Bruce music but all music. The sound of a song can bring up a memory and stir your soul instantly. I try to listen to music to motivate and inspire me. My favorites right now are Adele, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Ingrid Michelson, Southside Johnny, Jackson Browne, Beach Boys, ELO and my husband played the original album by Boston this week and was WOWED by how much he liked their music.........way back when. So, if the end of summer has you blue......or the rain here on the east coast........Play some CAN be a cure for the end of summer blues!!!!! I am going to load some videos on here from you tube to help take a listen and be amazed how it can change your mood!!!!

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Beach House Living said...

Music can definitely change a mindset and inspire a world of inspiration. Hope your shop was okay!