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Friday, December 30, 2011

Here Comes the Sun performed by Paul Simon

Wanted to share my word, theme, song for 2012. It is SUN. I loved when my word was shine.....I needed something very close to shine.... 2011 was AMAZING!!!!! Last year at this time we were digging out from a blizzard. This year was full of changes.......we moved store locations......what a thrill to be in Convention Hall.......and the first week we are open have Graham Nash walk into the store and tell us how cool it was and that he LOVED it. But, most of all meeting so many people and having them say how much they love our store and what we are doing. Glen worked at the store the day after Christmas. He said he was so thrilled with one person after another saying they received a gift from our store and how much they loved it!!!!! We moved out of a home basically my husband built........we were there 17 years. It was difficult, but I think we were prepared and ready. We like our new home. Our kitchen has a big picture window and it is a pleasure starting everyday with the sun shining in. Kaylyn and Ian finished a very hard semester and are ready for the their last three semesters of college. They talk about Grad school a LOT. I am trying not to think about that. So......2011 was a little slice of heaven full of changes and a lot to be grateful for. So 2012........Here comes the sun!!!!!

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Linda said...

I love that song. One of my favorites.

It's surely been the theme weather wise for us here in Illinois December and January. It's been day after day of sunny, dry weather and much warmer than normal, as has been the case the past many winters. The weather is definitely changing. I'm still hoping for at least a couple of good snowstorms this winter and Lord knows we could really use the moisture since we're still under a severe drought.

Life wise - 2012 hasn't been off to a sunny start, but I'm hoping to enjoy many days of joy in the new year, like we do always in the midst of painful days. That's life.

Hope you have a wonderful new year, filled with many blessings,
Linda :)