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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Interest in Pinterest?

Are you on pinterest?  Would you like to be?  Do you need an invitation?  I have been on it for about a month.  It is a lot of fun.  It is like a virtual bulletin board.  Not only do you get to organize your favorite  items on the internet you get to interact with everyone else too!!!!  The above picture is part of Design Milk's Ultimate Workspace Contest.....I could win a laptop computer or be featured in their Workspace Page.  I would love it if you simply liked my picture here.  Of course, if you are on pinterest please follow me and I will follow you back.   If you need an invite friend me on facebook and let me know or leave a comment here.  It is a lot of fun, visual, organizational and social all at the same time!!!


Carla Gizzi said...

LOVE me some PINTEREST!!! :) good luck!!

Linda said...

I tried Pinterest but I don't like it and quit using it pretty soon after I signed up. I did find some neat ideas, but it's another time sucker and I don't need that. I love your creativity though and it's sweet of you to offer up pinterest invitations. :)

Hope you enjoy a blessed day,