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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Customers Rock!!!!!

Each and everyone of you mean the world to us.  Everyday we get to open the doors and get to hear the NICEST things. 
 We love to hear how you were here once before and you couldn't wait to come back. 

We love to hear how you came from far away and you came back
 We love to hear how you have never been to Asbury Park and how much you love it here.  You even say you love it so much you want to move here.  You say it is not just the place or the is the people.
One of my favorite moments this summer was when the person he was with said he looked like Elton John.  He had no idea what she meant.  Luckily we had the right picture so he could see what she was talking about.
 You come in to the store hoping to see your favorite group or Artists.....sometimes we can make you very happy!!!!
 Our favorite thing you say that we can not get enough of is..." This is so Cool".
You come from as far away as Japan and say you saw our store on facebook and wanted to come to our store.

 Whether you come from far away........
or down the Parkway..........Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.  Every kind and encouraging word means so much to us!!!

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Pam @ Frippery said...

Geralyn how wonderful. You are living your dream and people are drawn to those who are doing what they love. Yippee. Making people happy and living the life you choose. What more could anyone wish?
Hugs, Pam