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Friday, September 14, 2012

Bruce Springsteen/Soul Cruisers ~ Raise Your Hand/Knock On Wood ~ Video ...

September is like New Years for me.  I look at it as a new start.  Last year was a perfect example.  Every day was spent packing for a move from a house we lived in for seventeen years.  Every year for the last few years it is preparing the store for the holidays.  This year it is weight loss and healthy eating goals.  I have been on Weight Watchers for a total of a year.....I have lost 13 pounds...Yay!!!!  But, now I am going to get to goal.  This is the top of the mountain for me......but, these pounds are not will not be downhill from will be an up hill BATTLE.  Yesterday, was a great meeting.  A 16 week will end on New Years....Perfect....Right????  I am also trying to post every day and share my successes and trials.  I know next week I will see a wonderful result because my meeting will be after I go see Springsteen.  We have General Admission which means we will be I don't mean standing.....I mean dancing!!!!!!  I am getting Psyched!!!!!!  And, the reason I included this video is because JT Bowen and the Soul Cruisers will be playing at the Stone Pony tonight.  And, if you are having troubles......trying to reach a goal and frustrated.......ask for help.....just Raise Your Hand!

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