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Monday, November 12, 2012

Sun Studios Version of Neptune City by Nicole Atkins for Hurricane Sandy... has been two weeks.  I don't know what is worst.....seeing the pictures or seeing it in person.  I have to say Asbury Park looks so much better then it did in the video.  The reason I am sharing this if to promote Nicole Atkins beautiful song that was rerecorded to raise funds.  The other is to share what has happened to a lot of the art I have been sharing the last few weeks.  There are alsoa many images of Belmar and Spring Lake where I was born and raised.  It is still unbearable to see.  But, let me say when I visited the Asbury Park Boardwalk last week......the attitude of everyone was so admirable.  Tomorrow I'll go to the store to do some cleaning and hopefully hear some good news.  Can't wait to hear a date when we can reopen!  I miss Convention Hall and seeing and smelling  the ocean almost every day and the music echoing through the building and my neighbors in the Grand Arcade and my customers and the cute little dogs and the smell of popcorn.....and.....and.....and!!!!!

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