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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ian Gray Rocks!

 It has been just a few weeks since Sandy hit.  In those weeks my son has organized this event with the help of University of the Arts.  It will take place on Monday, December 3 at Geshman Hall 401 Broad Street Philadelphia, PA.  So, many people want to help but can not attend the concert.  Here is a link you can follow and donate a gift card to the Manasquan Presbyterian Church and they will distribute to the neediest.  This is a great way to know where your donation is going .  Manasquan is my husband's hometown (Glen is the fireman on the left in this picture).  We lived there for the last thirty years.  Manasquan was devastated.  National Guard has been posted there until this past weekend.  Power is being restored but, there are many who lost their homes and everything.  Please consider donating a gift card for this very GOOD community of people.  

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