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Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Thoughts

The last five years for me have been so full of changes.  All good things, but most have been challenging.  On a day like Earth Day I feel really good about the type of business we have started.  Almost everyone from our generation has owned a record.  Most people walk in the doors of the store and admit they still have a box of records.  I always ask "Where is it?".  Usually the response is....they are in a closet, in the attic, the basement or garage.  I always encourage them to go home and get them out and look at them.   We were lucky, because our children had a real appreciation for our record collection and they pulled them out and played them.  They also decorate their walls.  Seeing this appreciation made me happy that they were being used again.  We also have people come into the store and say they threw away their record collection after trying to sell them at their garage sales. They are so sad when they tell me, but usually they are the one's that buy a clock of that favorite album that they miss.  So, I have made them happy, which makes me happy.  While we started making a lot of clocks we started to have a lot of covers and insides of records.  I couldn't throw them away.  Now, I make scrapbooks and the latest are these file folders.  If you place an Etsy order or an order through email, I will include a file folder FREE!!!!  And, I plan on making gift tags, postcards, magnets and bookmarks from the scraps cut from the file folders.   So, Happy Earth Day!!!!!


Tricia Kokoszka said...

What a fabulous reuse and I imagine it makes for a sturdy file folder that will last for a long time to come! Thanks for linking up to the Upcycled Linky Party at

gonerustic said...

Very innovative ideas! =D