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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Main Street Mission.......Staying Alive

 I met a nice customer who recently moved to Asbury Park from Greenwich Village.  He was looking for a card for family who live in Manasquan.  He picked out one of the handmade handbag cards that was all white for a Communion.  He was thrilled to have a greeting card store in the area.  He told me of a store called "House of Cards" in the village.  The name itself was intriguing.  I went to the Stationery show that was nearby and decided to check it out.  Well, wouldn't you know it after I looked it I up I found out it has been open for at least twenty years and it is closing THIS year at the end of May.  Then I walked down the street and saw this store: "House of Oldies". Love the signs, especially the one on the door that boasts they have the biggest selection of Xmas records in the city.  I can't help but, think how I love main street business, especially ones  that are iconic and stand still as the world whizzes by. Both of these stores you couldn't even move in because they were so full of inventory.

So, this time of year has
been challenging since we started our business.  I usually invest in some inventory we don't have to make.  We would eagerly buy record players from Crosley.   I would buy a lot of letterpress cards, journals, gift books and scrapbooks.  But, this year, like the last few since recovering from Sandy is different.  Since, it is a seasonal business the cash flow just isn't what it used to be like.  It is not what a business owner really wants to share.  But, to get to where we used to be we need to be optimistic and confident for our future.  This year it has been especially challenging.  So, I approached the Stationery Show to see what was out there and new.  I took catalogues in the hope some how I would have unlimited funds to buy product for the store.  So, this is where you come in.  Could you help us?  It is just a click of a button.  And for all of you Bruce Springsteen fans:  This is our Book Of Dreams.....we are Working on a Dream in Our Hometown...Please don't Bring more Death to this Hometown.....We Take Care of Our Own and we want to continue our dream.  Please HELP us and click the button on the right Mission Main Street and SHARE if you CARE.     THANK YOU!!!!

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