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Monday, December 1, 2008

New Month New Goals

     Today I start my challenge of blogging everyday.  The book on the left I made to hold the printed version of the challenge.  Today I am always so inspired by Starbuck's.  I am always so impressed by all the graphics they use.  It really puts me in the holiday spirit.  What put you in the holiday spirit today?
     I feel pretty good going into December.  I was able to attend Silver Bella, attend and participate at my childrens' functions, open an etsy shop, set up a blog, apply and get accepted to be a lollishop, plan a Christmas trip, book flights for Disney in February.  I keep wondering why I am still tired even though I am not working full-time.......mmm.  OK I will not beat myself up, I will be proud.....and be real hopeful I find a job soon.  My goals for December are to blog everyday.  I made a book for the 24 days of Christmas challenge.  The book is Martha Stewart the stickers are from K & co and Making Memories.  The gingerbread house is from my friend Zandra.  I know saying that I will fill the book up everyday would be setting myself up for disaster.  So, I am going to print my blog everyday and attach it to the book--I think I will follow through with this.  My other goals for December are to craft as much as possible,  following along with Paper Bella's zine and Tim Holtz's tags.  I also want to gather all my Christmas pictures together and make a disc somehow with Christmas Music---Big Challenge.  I also want to spend a few days in my attic and basement and weed through all my decorations--time to simplify!  Of course baking, decorating and finding a job are on my list.  Since we are traveling for the Holidays --shopping is not really on my list.  What's on your list?


Frippery said...

OMG Geralyn, You are making me tired. I just decided to take a blog break to catch up in the real world and you are committing to blog everyday plus all the other plans you have. Go girl! BTW, I love Leon Russel and saw that he was playing as well as Southside Johnny. I have opened my first two advent drawers which led me to start cleaning my craft space. I am inspired. I intend to use my goodies on a piece every few days til they are gone. Thanks! Pam

Jodie LeJeune said...

I hope you fulfill all of your December goals, it sounds so exciting! I wish you the best and I'll be checking in on you to see what you've been up to.
Happy "Inspired" Holidays!