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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Who Knew???

     This is my son Ian and my friend Laura's daughter Elizabeth with the Set List from Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes concert in Glenside PA last night.  My friend kept on saying "Who would of thought we would be taking our children to see our favorite band from when we were in high school".   Definitely  a big treat.  My son just can't watch the concert and enjoy it----which we all did.  He has to go the extra mile to have conversations with band members get them all to sign his set list and get this great picture with his mom, friends and Southside.  
   This is me on the left next to Southside Johnny my friends Laura Meshcio and Jenny Smock.  I am telling Southside how 30 years ago my friends and I took a train to Red Bank to the Monmouth Arts Center to see him and the Jukes play.  Back then the thrill was Springsteen would join the Jukes for an encore.  Now, the thrill of the end of the show was meeting Southside and he was nice enough to join us for a picture.  Who Knew???


Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh my Geralyn, my little trip to New Orleans is nothing compared to all what you have been up to...concerts, Thanksgiving, homecoming, parades...I'm already exhausted! tee hee! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet words. You have such a beautiful family and ya'll are very blessed. Happy Holidays to all of you!

kecia said...

well, it looks like a good time had by all! i can bring some dolls to Bayhead on Sunday, but just so you know, i have to mark everything up 25% as that is what the owner wants for her share of sales and all sales will go thru her. so anything you see, you might just tell me and i can sell to you later (i could meet you in Manasquan with them, etc.)

lnice-o said...

hey, nice pics Ger...Thanks. I am still smiling about the whole event.
How great that our kids are enjoying the same ride we did!
Thanks for sharing Ian with us, he is quite the guy. Good job, Mom.
Talk to you soon...
Love ya,