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Sunday, December 7, 2008

One week day 7

     I haven't done any decorating in the house, yet.  I am still enjoying getting out of the house to be inspired.  The above scene in this picture has inspired me since I was little.  It is in my hometown and hasn't changed much.  The only difference is when I was little they put real animals in with the manger.  I always feel the spirit of Christmas when I see it.  I am so glad I finally took a picture of it.  You never know if it will still be the same next year.
            I did get to meet someone who since I have been home from Nebraska I wanted to meet.  She set up a table of her creations at a store called Sea & Green.  It was a really cool store.  Really nice people and it was fun to talk art talk for I think an hour went by.  The person I met is Kecia and she has a blog lemoncholy's flight of fancy.  Hopefully we will meet again and she will teach me how to link.  

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