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Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 8 Unexpected Joy

     I went to AC Moore last night--this is the scene I walked in to.  Very intense--huh??  My son was helping  my daughter prepare for tryouts today.  I love it!!!  They'll even break into Christmas Carols,too.  I am one lucky Mom.
     Last night Kaylyn was asked to sing in a special Christmas Concert today.  Good thing or I would not have much to talk about.  Kaylyn is 4th from the right.  I would really get emotional
the first time I saw my children perform.  I thought I was getting much better.  The last song they sang was "All is Well".  Well, it got to me--tried to hold in tears real hard--and I did.  I walked out and thought  all is well.  My husband is a carpenter and his last day of work ended up to be today.  Nothing really new, just how the business is.  We'll be fine....we're pretty conservative, so we are prepared for these days.
     After I got home my husband called  with an early Christmas present---tickets for the Hope Concert starring John Bon Jovi, Southside Johnny, Gary US Bonds--This concert is in a theatre venue and will have a very festive and uplifting mood.  Just what we need--I am thrilled.  Then my daughter came running in--my thoughts were OMG What?  She just won  2 tickets to a radio station contest for the Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden......a concert with Everyone she loves  Jesse McCarthy David Archelleto and many other performers that I am not too familiar with.  She is on Cloud 9.                                                                                                                      She has tryouts tonight for the High School's performance of Suessical-- she wants a big part badly.  Put it this way freshman year she wanted to be Belle and she ended up being a gargoyle.   It's a tense wait until we find out what part she gets.  Once she finds out she is OK---even if she is a gargoyle she always finds  the positive.  I remember her being happy she was on stage for such a long time.  When I went to see the show, she was crouching in a gargoyle position for a very long time---she NEVER complained,  she has got the bug, for sure.!

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kecia said...

it was so nice to meet you too - i really appreciate that you guys stopped by. i am very happy that my beautiful mirror went to your daughter. that was a lovely gift for her and hopefully one that she holds onto forever. i can definitely make another "girl with the pearl earring". she is my original to do with as i want, so no worries there!