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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shopping in Paris

I don't know if you can get a true appreciation of this from pictures. Yes, this is a Department Store. The first three are of the inside of the store and the last is the outside at night. Believe it or not we spent the majority of the day in Printemps and after a rest in a cafe we weren't too sure we were just going to look at the windows outside. We were so tired. We went back outside and sort of just got taken away by the crowds and ended up inside. Could you imagine if we missed this? I was blown away by the design and architecture. I tried to take a picture of the arches so you get an appreciation of the art nouveau arches.

The outside of Printemps at night.

A corner at one of the flea markets.

This was our favorite window. The tree was made out of calico fabric.
Jodie please email me your address so I can send you more than a dozen Paris Postcards. Her answer was the closest. My daughter and I spent the week in Paris. My husband and son flew to Paris and then on to Rome. They came back, so we all four spent New Years Eve in Paris and celebrated together. So her answer seems the most correct.
I wanted to show pictures of the Department Stores in Paris. It was Christmas time so the windows were dressed for Christmas. I was so impressed. These two buildings alone is where we spent a very long day walking the perimeter of every floor of each of these buildings. My daughter is 17, so this was her highlight of the trip, I'm sure. We really didn't buy much. We pretty much just looked with our mouths wide open in awe.


Sandi said...

Paris! What a wonderful trip!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm finally getting into writing more regularly. Love your photo at the top of your blog. Inspiration everywhere.
I'll be back.

Frippery said...

Gorgeous! Wow! I have no more words. Breathtaking? Thanks for sharing these pictures. I am so glad Jodie won, she really treasures postcards and cabinet cards and... funeral cards(kind of a personal joke.) I hope you post more pictures. I am sure you are inspired to create now. Also, start a Bunco group girl! You will laugh your a-- off every month when the Babes get together. Hugs, Pam

kecia said...

i was wondering when your Paris trip was. looks like a fabulous time and of course, i honed in our your flea market photo. did you find anything fabulous? but even coming home with papers, like we said, is cool enough!