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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunday at the Louvre

I can not believe this was two weeks ago!!!!!!!! I can't think of anything better than a walk through the Louvre on a Sunday....As you can see many other people this time of year like to do the same thing. We tried to take my husband and son there on New Years Eve and they said they were full--could you imagine that building full. We ended up walking to the Eiffel Tower--much longer walk than it looks---but oh it is beautiful just to gaze. Anyway enjoy your Sunday stroll through the Louvre.

Please join us on our jouney to the Mona Lisa

Once you get in you realize you are in for a long journey

These halls were the richest of renaissance works all in one place I have ever seen, it was amazing

She gets a lot of attention even if she is headless, you couldn't even get up the stairs, because everyone gathers around her

Mona Lisa---we just passed her by---the room to view her was so full we just followed the crowd in the hallway around her

This was the view looking up close to where we had lunch after passing by the Mona Lisa

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Jodie LeJeune said...

Thanks Geralyn for the beautiful postcards from Paris you sent me!! I'm so happy I won your give away! Thanks for being soooooo generous...
Most appreciated!