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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bon Jour!!!

OWOH One World One Heart winner here.  What could be a better Valentines weekend watching your son march in Disney----well find out you are a winner in OWOH.  And I won something french inspired and decoupaged (that's french too).   I remember I really wanted to win this too.  It is created by Iva Wilcox  .  Please check out her blog by pressing here.  
I think she is super talented and I love her vintage look.  I am so glad I received this so quickly to include in my french posts.  Thank you Iva!!!!!!!!!!
Jodie LeJeune  please check out her blog by pressing on this
celebrated her 99th post and hosted a giveaway.  Her giveaway was beautiful.  You HAVE to go see her blog for pictures.  She was so sweet!!!!!!!  I didn't win her giveaway, but Jodie made something for all who commented.  She made this beautiful eiffel tower bookmark for me.  It arrived in the mail yesterday.  I wanted to post about it right away.  I took everything upstairs to    photograph.  I fell right to sleep.  It was a really good sleep.  I really feel blessed by this blogworld.  To have people in your life who know you so well, that would make something for you......I am speechless, but absolutely grateful!!!!!!!!!  Thank you Jodie!!!!!!!!!!!
Look how pretty she wrapped it!!!!!!!  Make sure if you visit Jodie to leave a comment and encourage her to sell on etsy!
In the center is a metal box I purchased in Paris.  It is perfect to hold all the postcards surrounding it.  I am so happy with all of the postcards I was able to find.  I wish I could have purchased more, but my dollar did not go far.  The prices for french postcards were pretty reasonable.  Each card averaged around 1 euro.
I could not come home from Paris without these.  A SWATCH watch from Paris.  My must see was Laduree.  The box is charms they use in cakes during the holidays.  I had to bring home some pamphlets from there and some maps.  Had to get two, of course, so I can cut one up.
These are some books I love.  The Paris one with the bookmark sticking out I purchased at a flea market in Paris it is written in French and includes watercolor illustrations through out like the it!  Which one should I use Jodie's bookmark in?
I hope RhondaMum doesn't mind, but I am making this for the love of french week.  I just can't post it all in two days.  I will be posting what I was inspired to make since coming home from Paris.  I want to dedicate a whole post to the memory book I made and some things I am going to put up in Etsy.


Jodie LeJeune said...

Est-ce que bonjour, ce tout est de votre poteau aujourd'hui ?

{Hello, is this all of your post today?}

I figured I'd play along with your French theme! tee hee

everything vintage

Jodie LeJeune said...

Okay! Now you're talking girl! Sorry for catching you without words or pictures and THANK YOU for posting such sweet things about me. Yes, I made the Paris bookmark just for you! You were sooo gracious in sending me some sweet postcards from there that I wanted to return the favor. I so appreciate it.
About Etsy...I am just scared no one will buy my stuff and I will be so sad. I've had my Etsy account set up since 2007 but never had the nerve to list anything. Am I normal??? Please help me!
Thanks are a sweetie.
ps...I LOVE your OWOH winnings.I tried to win that's to die for!!!!!!!!!
everything vintage

Rhondamum said...

Oh my gosh! A Swatch watch! I WANT THAT! What wonderful things you shared with us today. Thank you! I am so jealous! And I agree, it should be a week of French. I have found that I can't do it all in two days either. I really enjoyed your post today!

Jodie, you are so normal. I felt the same way and I have had about 300 sales now. Your stuff WILL sell, it's beautiful and if you do some listings then I want to know because I'm sure I would be spending a pretty penny myself!

Hope to chat with you both again soon!


The Vintage Rose said...

Bon soir ma petit cheri! I'm so glad you won and that the eiffel tower bookmark was for you - I saw it on her blog. POST about PARIS until the end of the month if you like, but at least a week would be good!

Frippery said...

Wow great give away prize, just perfect for you. Did you just die over Jodie's cute "sumthin"? Now I suppose she will have to give us French lessons, or at least me as I'm quite limited. Take care, Pam

Labour of Love said... magnifique, Geralyn-you have such wonderful French LOVES!!!! i truly love visiting everyone's French's so nice to see kindred spirits sharing such passion for our beloved France! i've never been there but only dream of going day...and jodie, totally agree with everyone...your creations are divine and Francophiles would just love your shoppe!!! so i say go for just can't have too much of a good thing, right?! xo, jo ;)