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Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun Facts about Paris

Since construction the eiffel tower has been painted 19 times, the most recent in 2008--it takes 15 months to complete.  The flag's three, equal-sized vertical stripes symbolize an equal union of the monarchy.
Admission to the Louvre is free the first Sunday of every month.
It took 180 years to build Notre-Dame--13,000,000 people visit annually
There are more dogs in Paris--approximately 300,000--than there are children.


Rhondamum said...

Wonderful facts! Thank you for sharing! Reminds me of the many restaurants I visited just to find people sitting at their table with their beloved dog on the floor beside of them. Lucky I am an animal lover and it didn't bother me. xoxo

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I did not know the last fact about the dogs but I believe it! Thank you for visiting me. :)

The Vintage Rose said...

I love to read about Paris. Since high school french I have wanted to go there.

Joy said...

Interesting facts indeed! I love learning new and interesting things.

Labour of Love said...

i truly love this!!! thank you so very much for sharing such a wealth of great information...i love knowing more of this wonderful country! xo jo ;)

Sofiz said...

I love these facts! Great info. I never knew that it took 180 YEARS to build Notre Dame!! Im studying Frence and I can't wait to go there when I'm older! Thanks!