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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lucky Day

It's finally snowing here---I love the snow.  I came home and went through my normal routine, and I found a notice on facebook....I started facebook during the Super Bowl---I know Springsteen was the highlight.....than the commercials---I loved the Bob Dylan Forever Young Pepsi Ad.....then I was my daughter set me up on Facebook.  Yesterday was fun making new friends and leaving comments.....but, today I received a note in my inbox from Janet Hopkins.  She said I won her giveaway of some goodies from CHA.......yea!!!!!!!! Please hop over to House of 3---you can get there by pressing the enjoy the process button on the right.    I was able to take a class with her at Creative Escape....Above is a picture of me at Creative Escape...look at all those prizes---I didn't win one but this is just as exciting....and eek to make my day even better Rhonna left me a comment today!  Their new site is a lot of digital---which I love, but I am in a learning mode--not too comfortable yet.  Their motto is think it is great. Heidi Swapp the talented third of the trio that make up House of 3.  I have to tell you taking classes with all three of these talented women and following their blogs is such a treat. I am so glad they are a team and can't wait to see what the future brings.  I have to write Heidi a note, but maybe I will just say it here.  When I took Heidi's class she featured Paris rubber stamps in her project and each time I pressed down with the stamp I made a wish that I could be the one to go to Paris with my daughter.  As I was making the project I thought I would finish it at home and make it a countdown to Paris for her as she was hoping to go in the Spring with the high school.  Life took some twists and turns and I am home from a job I
 lost in October.  My daughter says to me one night after getting the paperwork---couldn't the two of us go for the price of my high school trip.....knowing my skill at getting some pretty cheap rates I said well sure.  In passing I mentioned it to my mom and she said she wanted to go too and pay for the trip.....DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!  I can't help but think of me listening to Heidi and feeling all the emotions she was opening up to us about.......that all made it happen.  Not very scientific.......but, truly it makes me still feel I can wish on stars or rubber stamps and truly BELIEVE and wishes come true...........not guaranteed.....but with hope and belief and positive thoughts I think this is true.  I have been leaving comments for about two years trying to win something.....and I won today.   Thanks Janet not only for the prize, but for reassurance that if you hope, wish, believe, have day a wish will come true.  Can you tell I am going to Disney soon?  OOOh I almost forgot at Creative Escape they leave you a surprise at night everyone received one of the aprons I am wearing in the picture above.  I love it.....if no one else is home it helps me feel more creative.....and yes I have caught my daughter wearing it while she is painting.


Jodie LeJeune said...

Geralyn, that was such a cute post, and very inspiring. I am going get my money stamps, my love stamps & my friend stamps and I'll be stamping though the night wishing upon a stamp! Congratulations to you!

faerie enchantment said...

Loved this Post Miss Geralyn, and congrats to your daughter's achievement.

Email those dates, so we can get it set up!

Super Hugs!

Frippery said...

I think we could be singing "When you wish upon a stamp". I do believe that faith and positive thought can have miraculous outcomes. Love your post and I am going to visit the link now. So glad some of your dreams are coming true. Pam I don't have the nerve to do Facebook. (Plus I spend too much time on the computer already)

Geralyn Gray said...

I am still laughing---you all are the best!!!!

Linda Crispell said...

Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a lovely comment!
Your trip to Paris sounds perfect. I would love to have a girls only trip one day!