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Monday, March 9, 2009

Put the Kettell on

Put the kettle on......Lisa Kettell is in the house!!!!!!  This tea was a celebration of Lisa Kettel's book Altered Art Circus.  My kind of book---really I love vintage antique papers and I love how she makes objects or really paper sculptures out of these great images.  She has a great section in her book on Artist Trading Cards also.  I am so glad I met her at Silver Bella.  A lot of our conversation was how California girls seem to have all the fun.  It was great to have a gathering like this in New Jersey and we planned to get together again-----yea!!!!!!!!
What a fun afternoon shared with such nice people.  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did.  My friend Zandra Cudney came in true french fashion with her beret.  Zandra and I normally meet every Sunday to scrapbook together.  This was extra special to share a Sunday with so many fun and interesting women.
Zandra and Keica.  Check out Keica's necklace.  She has a great blog and etsy shop.  I met Keica when I arrived home from Silver Bella.  She lives in the next town and has been blogging for the last three years.  I really admire her.  She has a great style and she makes the type of work that talks to you.  You know the kind of stuff you try to resist......but, you know it is one of kind and you just have to have it.  Watch out, Zandra really liked your necklace.
Marlene and Lisa's mom Joan.  Joan is celebrating her birthday this week.  Happy Birthday Joan.  Joan has a etsy shop selling jewelry with a vintage feel---check it out here.
This is Lisa and Marlene.  Marlene is all abuzz about a new blog she started.  She is involved in a lot of upcoming galas for charity that I hope I can attend.  Marlene is a lot of fun and her blog she refers to me as Queen Ladybug-----love it!!!!!  Also, note her hat vintage springtime yellow with butterflies that fluttered fun!
Lisa and I met at Silver Bella.  I was so happy because I knew even though Silver Bella was over we could still have some glittery fun in New Jersey.  Lisa made me this great crown in true bella spirit.
These are my first attempt at making Artist Trading Cards.  They were pretty easy using my mistakes from my invitations.  I thought they would be all the same, but as I went along it ended up being a lot of fun making each one different.  I have a couple left if anyone would like to trade by mail.
     When everyone left I put everything together that everyone brought.  That was so unexpected, but really appreciated.  Zandra brought me the buttons from Jenni Bowlin(yea....I have been wanting them).  Lisa was generous as she made me the pink crown and brought everyone one of her collage cd's.  I bought her book Altered Art Circus and her children's book.  Cindy who I used to work with brought me a Yankee candle it smells like vanilla cake.  Marlene gave me the beautiful teapot with the matching box.  Keica gave me the pendant on the right.  It is a Marie Antionette type portrait and it says "to the shore".  And on the bottom right are the atc's we traded.  This was a wonderful day shared with kindred spirits.  What I loved most is we made plans to all get together again. We want to visit a store called Parcel in Montclair, NJ and go out for a nice meal.  This was another one of my dreams come true.  Thank you to all who came to make that dream come true.


kecia said...

you are right, us Jersey girls need to start having some more of the fun that those cali girls do! i love the title you gave this post, too cute! it was really fun and i'm so glad you hosted this little event. it was a nice gathering.

Anonymous said...

I had a great time! It was great meeting such intersting gals. Thanks for having an adult tea party! Hugz, Zandra

Frippery said...

Wow Geralyn, What a wonderful day. So many creative friends all together sharing their talent. Lucky lucky girl! Pam

MaygreenFairies said...

Hey There, I found your blog via my friend Lisa Kettell's blog and I am so envious of your get together, I would have loved to have been with you all, but as I live in good old Blighty it would have been a long trip to get there LOL!. I am honoured to feature in Lisa's Book and hope one day to meet her in person, and perhaps attend Silver Bella where I could meet up with all you wonderful Artists too. Your blog is wonderful and I look forward to my next visit. Hugs, Mandy x

faerie enchantment said...

OMG, can I just say how much fun I had on Sunday, it was absolutely wonderful Miss Geralyn, Queen of the Tea. Those cookies think they were the Elephant Ears, my goodness I'm still thinking of how good they were.

My ATC's are on my fave shelf in the studio, they are all so special, my Mom loves her's and can I say she had such a great time, and is looking foward to the next adventure, so let's get that planning!

I'll photograph this Sunday's Event too, and Miss Mandy is the absolute best, her work is filled with Enchantment, you have to visit her amazing blog!


Jodie LeJeune said...

Geralyn! I'm so jealous I wish I'd live closer...your party looked like soooo much fun! The ATCs that you made are beautiful! I wish I had some left over from Silver Bella...I'd swap with you! should have a blog ATC swap! That would be fun! I'm nominating you to host it since you ARE the hostess with the mostess!!!!
everything vintage

Sandi said...

What a wonderful party you had! I had such fun meeting you and Lisa at SilverBella. I vote yes on the ATC swap idea.

Marlene said...

Hi Geralyn, Your tea was the greatest...I had an awesome's to Montclair...

I can't wait for the carnival - oh my, its 12 midnight and the carnival will begin in a few hours..can't wait to see who will be attending...

ATC swap sounds awesome...keep me posted if you go ahead with it...

Have a honey of a Night/day - sweet dreams!

Wanda said...

It looks like oyu all had the best time. I'm glad you found some artsy frineds to hang out with. I wish there were some around here. :) You should host an ATC sister would be all over that...she is an ATC whore. Of course, I would join too...we are Vendor Night buddies. :) Have fun at the Carnival.