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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Celebrating Marie

     Listening to the news today--our President Obama meeting the Queen of England--and me celebrating the life of the Last Queen of France Marie different life has become since that time.  One of the biggest changes is our country exsisting and being based on We the people and France is more about the people now too.  I hope we don't depend too much on our leaders to make our economic problems go away.  I say to our people buy American---buy homemade!!!!!  Or how about Stay calm eat a cupcake........Most of all I hope we can all keep the faith and hope for Better Days.
     The Marie parties on the buttons on the right sidebar are not disappointing.  They are a wealth of interesting information on jewelry and fashion of Marie Antionette.  I added a new button with a cupcake to Cassandra's site.  She gaveaway a free collage sheet yesterday with cupcakes and Marie images---very generous.  I printed mine on sticker paper already and will use them in my crafting today.
     Cassandra guided us also to four very talented women who spanned the world with a Marie round robin book featured in the new somerset Marie magazine.  They are also featuring giveaways.  Ginny,  Pretty Petals, Holly Doodle,  and Natasha Burns.  They have some beautiful pictures of the book and great stories to go with it.



Rhonna Farrer said...

these antoinettes are looking fab!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Did you get your copy of Marie yet girlie?
I'm so glad you are having fun with her this week/month.
I'm busy following everyone around...just reading about her is very interesting!
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