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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My twins turn 18 tomorrow

Happy Birthday Ian and Kaylyn........18...........WOW!!!!!!!!!
I'll be here at work thinking of you!!!!!
Little notes like this will remind me of you!

     Kaylyn looks pretty happy about visiting me at work.....that was a great day!!!!!
Do you ever not think about things and think wow I am adjusting to this pretty well.  I feel like that lately.  I am really happy I am working so much and being distracted from my children growing so fast and preparing to leave home and start college.  Tomorrow is their birthday....I was going to find some baby pictures and pictures of them now.......I don't think I can get to that--it's 10:30 pm and I have to leave for work at 8am.  My daughter did show me these pictures today, so I thought I would share with you my readers.
     Time flies when you are having fun.  I really wish I had some pictures on the computer from when Kaylyn and Ian were young......something to work on.  Well, there is a lot to celebrate tomorrow...........HAPPY BIRTHDAY.........Kaylyn and Ian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Frippery said...

Happy Birthday Kaylyn and Ian! Hope your kids have a wonderful day. Glad you are busy too. You have started a whole new life as they are embarking on theirs. What serendipity! I am so happy for you. Everything happens for a reason and your new job will help you ease into your empty nest life.
I find it hard right now to look at pictures of the kids when they were young, it's silly, but right now it brings me down. I think I will feel better once Sadie is settled into a routine at U.C. She doesn't start until the end of September. Enjoy the rest of the summer keeping busy. Hugs, Pam

Linda said...

A very happy birthday to your twins! We have twins in our family as well - my sisters and now my nieces. Two sets. What a blessing.
And you are so right - the time flies by while we're having fun. :)

I'm glad you're enjoying your new store.

Rosalind Nzinga Nichol (PAPER GIRL) said...

Hi Geralyn:
Just want to let you know I ordered paper from Paper Source -- and of course one of those beautiful aprons -- to my delight it was on sale... Anyway, place my order on ...Monday -- I believe and it arrived YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!
Now that's service -- and the papers - just beautiful!

Happy birthday to your twins, hope they enjoy Philly.

Will probably see you soon, a couple of friends are ready to make a roadtrip out of it:-).


PS: gonna leave a little note at PS too.

zandra said...

Hope it was fun! Hugz, Z

kana said...

Happy belated birthday to your twins. 2 legal aged kids at once...a little overwhelming. My daughter turns 18 on Oct.

kecia said...

what days do you work? i'd like to stop in for a visit!

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