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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

21 Challenge---Victory!!!!

Just so you know I don't write in my journal every day

I give anyone does a lot of credit
I wait until I have the day off and I play catch up!!!
I was so looking forward to finishing my journal this morning-----Victory!!!!!  The last week I didn't even want soda-----not once!!!!  The first two weeks are more challenging.  I couldn't wait to celebrate and make these glittered butterflies(don't look Jodie).  When I started my job at Paper Source I felt every day around 3 I needed a soda to get through the day and be awake for the ride home.  But, now after 3 weeks without it I don't feel that need any more.  I will try to drink more water and only have a soda if I feel I absolutely have to----yea!!!!!  Makes me feel like a freebird!  Congratulations to all of you 21ers!!!!!!


zandra said...

Congrats! Me, too! Love those glitter butteflies! Hugz, Z

Nancy W said...

Congrats!! I too find that writting in my journal each day was hard but would go back. And I stopped craving sodas as well. Thanks for stopping by at my blog earlier this week. I'm out of town this week and finally got access to the internet! How I miss it when I don't have full access! Hugs from Conroe, TX!