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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Springsteen and me

      This is the back of The River Album by Bruce Springsteen.  My husband gave me this album for my birthday when I turned 21.  I remember I did not have a penny to my name and I was so happy to receive it.  I feel a huge amount of excitement when I hear could be on the radio(which is rare lately), at a restaurant, a CD, or an unexpected concert on TV or a concert in person.  Like the song Born to Run.....I get all revved up(my husband finds it a little embarrassing and really doesn't like to go to the concerts with me.)   Many years I didn't go---I only would go if someone can get tickets for me---I gave up trying myself.  Many albums I didn't even buy----thank goodness it was when I was busy raising my children and would hear bits and pieces......I would be like WHattt?????  
     I have had some Bruce sightings in my lifetime also.  My first one and most favorite was I knew Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes were playing at a bar called the Beach House on the Pt. Pleasant boardwalk......My friend and I were not 18 yet so we couldn't get into the bar.  The place had huge windows and we decided to stand outside.  We could hear the music and see they were dressed in their suits and hats......we were besides ourselves with excitement...we were getting close to turning 18  and couldn't wait until we could be in there and be part of the fun.....a  lot of time went by and my friend noticed there were two people standing right in front of us and she thought they must be important because they were standing behind the bar.....I thought they just wanted to get away from the friend kept looking at them......I didn't ......I thought they looked like wild bikers----unshaven.....greasy guy had earrings from the bottom to the top of his ear........then my friend said that is Miami Steve and I said whooo and she said OMG he is the guitar player for Bruce Springsteen....we then wondered who was the scroungy guy he was was obvious it was Miami Steve Van Zandt because he had his signature scarf on his head.........omg that is Springsteen with him.....wearing an Elvis Presley shirt???  Well they were less than a foot away with some glass dividing us....I decided I was not leaving this window until I get some kind of eye contact or something.....we knocked on the window......the music was too loud......and then he rose his heinikin bottle and looked at us.......I waved.......he nodded his head and gave a wave with his hand holding the friend and I went nuts!!!!!!  We jumped up and down and were hugging each other.......It was the best night!!!!!!!!!  
     My first anniversary wedding gift from our neighbors were tickets for my husband and I to see Springsteen perform the Born in USA tour at Giants Stadium and I went again with my friend who I stood outside that bar with.  We all couldn't believe his success and never stopped dancing at those concerts.  I was amazed at his energy and gift of such long energetic shows.   We never did get to see him at the local bars.    We did get tickets to see Southside Johnny at the Monmouth Arts called the Count Basie Theatre.  We started to be able to get good tickets in the twelfth row.....Springsteen always came out for the last set and sang " We are having a Party" and a couple of other songs.   I really liked Southside Johnny better than Springsteen--because it was so hard to see Springsteen.......but, everything changed one night......we were on the way to see Southside Johnny.......we had good good tickets......the last couple of times we stood the whole show.......we rested......we were ready for this concert!!!!!  Then as we were listening to a radio station that was promoting the concert by playing Southside all night on the radio we got the news................Southside Johnny has laryngitis and can't perform the show that night....................noooooooooo...... but then he said that is the bad news.........the good news is Springsteen is going to perform and sing all of his music.............omg!  We were screaming with pure joy!!!!! During that time Springsteen had written Hearts of Stone album for he knew all of the music..........He was the best performer and most charismatic and genuinely so happy.......I couldn't get over his smile........was this the same person I saw at the bar that night...............We were standing on the seats the whole show......then he said to the audience how much he appreciated our response to him.....he said this song goes out to all of you.  He sang....Your love keeps lifting me...........we were chanting higher and higher....we were all in the moment......he was on top of the piano......singing the song over and over and we just wanted more and more and he gave it to us........when he finally stopped we were satisfied............I will never see another show as good as that----NEVER!!!!  Not even last Christmas when we went to see the HOPE was great to see Springsteen, Southside, Bon Jovi and see them all together.   But, that night 30 some years ago he gave it his best.   I never thought I would be going to his concerts this many years later......but tonight I am going to see Springsteen......and he is performing the whole Born to Run album..........I am going with my friend from high school and like she said we need a little fun......woohoooo!
    I have some other fun Springsteen stories I would love to share, but this is ending up a long post.....the reason I showed the back of the River album is because when I went to Omaha Nebraska last November for Silver Bella.  I was in a book store and looking for reading and ended up in a Christian book store....I was just about to walk out the door and I saw a book called The Gospel according to Bruce Springsteen....I bought it ....then I walked into an antique store and found my stash and put it on the counter it came to $18........I turned and he had albums for $2...ok I thought I'll get one for my son (his wall is covered with my husband and my collection of old covers).....of course I went right towards the River album....I turned it over and there was the picture from above with glitter hanging on the peg board.....I chuckled to myself...Silver Bella is all about glitter and look Springsteen has this picture....I looked up at the guy at the counter and I say I am from the Asbury Park area and I am going to buy an album from Springsteen in Omaha.......and he looked at me and said why not????  He named one of his albums Nebraska---didn't he???? Yeah he did...........I love affirmations!


Frippery said...

Geralyn, Have fun!!! I have seen Springsteen 3 times back in the day. The last CD I bought was Nebraska. I love playing the Greatest Hits in the car with the volume UP. I remember you finding that album the last day we were in Omaha, cause we got to say bye to each other right after. Hope this concert tops the one the can't be topped. Hugs, Pam

Linda said...

This is such a fun post!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your interactions with the Boss, an American icon for sure. How cool also that your husband gave you that album on your 21st birthday. A treasure for sure. And yes, affirmations are a wonderful thing, for sure.

Bee Serendipitous said...

Geralyn aka Miss LadyBug, I know that I don't even have to say it cause I know that you're going to have one but have a blast at the concert...and I too went to a concert in the Giants Stadium some twenty years ago and saw him too - hey you never know we could have be standing next to each other at the same concert...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! Marlene aka QBeeC