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Monday, September 7, 2009

21 challenge

At Creative Escape 2007 we made a 21 challenge journal in Rhonna Farrer's class.  We rubber stamped blank pages and added decals from the quote tins that came out that year.  I always loved her designs and was happy to take a class with her.
This book is from March of 2008--I can't believe so much time has gone by since her last challenge.  The challenge is to journal for 21 days and use the journaling to help you break a habit.  The idea is if you give up something for 21 days and your habit is broken.  I emailed her that I took the challenge and she sent me the tag that said Congratulations.
When I was reading her blog Rhonna announced a new 21 challenge starting tomorrow 9/8/9.  I am over the top excited.  It gave me a good reason to buy this book at work.  It is on clearance at Paper Source......
My challenge is to give up soda (not forever, but it would be nice not to drink it every day).  I also want to challenge myself to live by our store's motto of doing something creative every day.   What I love too about this is that it reminds me how far I have come (partly thanks to my Mac).  Back when I did the challenge in March 2008 I needed my son to print out the quotes each day.  That seems so funny, because it is so easy for me now.  I hope you join in the challenge. 


Jodie LeJeune said...

Geralyn! This is so cool, I wanna play too!! I hope I can stick with this one...sounds so much fun.
Where have I been? I've missed your last three posts girl. Sorry!!! See? This just confirms that I'm a lost soul...I have too much to do and only one of me (and she's so lazy, can I trade her in for a new version?)
I'm going find a book. Heck, I don't have a book, can I do it on tags??? Make a tag book? It's a little after 3a...I'm delirious to be wanting to start this project right now!
Thanks for letting me know about it, see what you started?
everything vintage

zandra said...

I'm heading over there now! Thanks for the heads up and good luck! Hugz, Z

Linda said...

I love your challenge! A very neat idea! For me, it's enough of a challenge to get up for work each day, come home take care of the house, yard, family and still find time to write. :)

Anonymous said...

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