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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 2 of the 21 Challenge

I LOVE this challenge.  Thanks so much Rhonna for your inspiration, motivation and commitment.  Commitment is a really strong word and sometimes a very feared word.  I feel if I make a commitment I don't want to let any one down or more important let myself down. Usually if I make a commitment it IS something that I want to do, but I am so afraid life will get in the way.  Something may happen I have no control of may happen and get in the way.  But, a challenge like this shows how important it is to make commitments and reap the rewards.  Most of all the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction of committing to something and following through.  Postive thoughts and actions carry you through!  Thanks Rhonna for sharing your talent with us!!!!!
Another blogger I have to thank for a huge commitment on her part is Sandy from Sew Revived.  She was a hostess for this charm bracelet swap.  She sewed the beautiful holder.  She typed (I don't know how she did this) on fabric and sewed into the pouch when it was all finished.  Each participant also included a postcard from where they were from.  Zandra added a merbear to her postcard in the lower right side.  The participants I knew already were Jodie (made the paris charm)and Pam (made the collaged scrabble letter g).  I loved this swap.  Sandy thank you for your wonderful idea,  sewing talent and putting together a great group of women from all over the country.


The Victorian Parlor said...

What cool stuff!



Jodie LeJeune said...

Yay Geralyn! Your day two is gorgeous! You are on a roll I tell ya! I want you to post what you've completed everyday if you can...this is so cool. Is that a lot to ask for? ;)
I'm already behind so I will live my inspirations through you. Think of it as inspiring us as you do with everyone who walks through the doors of Paper Source! ;)
About the bracelets, aren't they lovely? I haven't opened my box yet! I will soon!!!!!
everything vintage

Rhonna Farrer said...

wow...this is stunning. soo sooo excited you are IN on the journey!
you can do it!!!

Bonnie said...

Hi Geralyn, I am a fellow 21-er also, just popping in to say hi and I love your art work! Keep it up! you can live without SODA! haha!!

Michelle*G said...

Your journal is coming out lovely! Just stopping in to shout out a little bit of encouragement for you in this 21 day journey! Keep up the good work! :)

Frippery said...

Pretty. I love that you are keeping your commitment to being creative. Good lesson to us all. The bracelets are amazing!

sarah said...

Hi Geralyn-
thx for your kind comments about the tape designs! they are so much fun and i am so excited paper source is stocking them!

Terri said...

I have come to have a look at your beautiful blog! Thank you for coming by my place and joining in!
We have some strong similarities. My two youngest left for University this fall as well. So, my nest is missing my chick!