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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I don't hate Mondays

I was able to see Ian and Kaylyn in Phillie last night.  I am so proud of them.  It was great to catch up and hear the latest and the greatest in their lives.  So many things for them.....Halloween in the city where the baseball team is in the World Series---they have seen and heard a lot so far with the Phillies winning the league championship.....they both started part time jobs last weekend......Ian is organizing a jazz Christmas band (he was surprised they didn't already have one)........and last night we were able to see the Jazz Ensemble he is in perform.....
Wow......they were good.....I am so glad Ian is performing.  We love to see the performances.  The music was swing meets bop....a lot of Dizzie Gillespie...they also had Jazz singers perform one was upbeat and fun to listen to.
I started the day at work at Paper Source yesterday.  It was such a great day.  I love when customers bring in what they create with our products(canvas not available through Paper Source).  Melissa Cookman made this for a gift someone.  We were lucky enough to see it before she gave her present.  My favorite part of the job is when customers bring in what they have made.  Another customer Diane Faye came in and showed us the best usage of our papers so far.  She is a graphic designer and has a great blog and you can see her steamship invitations here.
The other great thing about Mondays is to see all the new product coming in.........and the other good thing about this Monday is I have Tuesday and Wednesday off so it was like tgim........I am catching up on my car is getting fixed and now I must do something with this is a disaster.........with the no children in the house it has left me feeling very unmotivated.....but, it has gone on long biggest problem is which pile to attack first.........the laundry.......the bills.........the dirty bathrooms........the empty refrigerator.....ok......get me off this computer so I can tackle these things!


Diane Faye Zerr said...

Hi Geralyn!

Thanks for the link! I'm working on birth announcements for some friends using all paper source products, and I can email you some photos soon. I think you're going to like them!


Celestial Charms said...

I can relate to "which pile should I attempt first?" That is my daily question. There is always "a pile" or unattended organizing project that needs to be tackled. There just isn't time enough in the day to accomplish it all. That's when I escape to my computer to take my mind off it! What lovely invitations that you linked us to. Very original.

Linda said...

Monday is a good day indeed!! Loved reading your update and seeing the photos. :)

zandra said...

The kids look great and happy! Good for them. Pop bye friday night if you want Raelene and June will be here scrappin. Hugz, Z