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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Big Man

Went to Barnes and Noble last night in Princeton to get Clarence Clemons new book "The Big Man''.  I met up with Sue Hensler and Laura Meschio.....sharing stories of glory days and some good memories of college.  It was funny for me because a lot of times I was like I remember this..... did it happen.???   My friend was like yes, you are on the video....and I am like they taped that stuff??? T000  funnyyyyyy!!!!  I was laughing so much---it felt good.  We had a good time in college and hope for that for our kids......but, we were still hoping they didn't get into any trouble......we were lucky enough to just have fun.....but, no trouble.  There was a long line which went very fast....not fast enough without running in to get a price of a sweater I really liked in Anthropologie....which I need to get out of my head......but, it was so pretty!!!!!! 
Our encounter with Clarence was to get book signed, picture and please move away....I at least wanted him to sign it to my son Ian, but it was a long line and they wanted to get everyone's books signed.  The most fun was just remembering good times from times gone by.

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Linda said...

... the most fun was remembering good times from days gone by... this is what I did this past weekend as well with the reunion of my dear old friends. It's a riot, isn't it? :0)

So glad you had this fun time together with your friend.