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Friday, November 13, 2009

10 days!!!!!!

Our window......peace, joy, paper
Our demo table will be put to use a lot this weekend.  We our hosting our second open house weekend with lots of make and takes.  This picture is a true inspiration of a straight and cleaned up ribbon wall.  Denise really put some love into straightening and organizing the ribbon.  She even made a binder with all of the prices.........a true sanity saver!!!!!
Ornaments, wreath kits, new wrapping paper.....oh my!!!!!
Our selection of Holiday Cards are amazing.  I have a new appreciation of anything letterpressed.  We did receive the new letterpress machine by Quikcutz today---more on that on my next post.
     Has it really been 10 days since my last post?????  So, much has happened in the last ten days.....This is what Paper Source Princeton looks like in preparation for the holidays.  I am so glad I took these pictures, because in one week everything in our store is different already.   Wishing you all peace, joy and paper.  I am so glad I didn't take a daily challenge of posting daily......I would have failed miserably......10 days!!!!!  I think this is a record for me not posting!

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Celestial Charms said...

Never worry about the time between posts. All bloggers and readers know how time gets away from us. The shop looks beautiful, I especially love the little sock monkey ornaments. Too cute! Question for does one keep their ribbons on the hanging racks from unraveling? Is there a trick to that? And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Much appreciated.