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Monday, November 2, 2009


November this year to me is remembering the good times I was able to experience at Silver Bella last year.......going into November this year I was going to challenge myself to the November Creative Every Day challenge.  I can remember seeing the buttons in the new year on blogs and thinking I should challenge myself.  I feel challenged enough to make a huge commitment like that....I thought I could start taking pictures in October and it wouldn't be that hard....well I am off to a bad start's November 2nd already.  So, I will put that thought aside---no pressure here.  But, I would like to keep sharing what we are up to at Princeton Paper Source.  Our holiday window is up and I can't wait to share it.  We also have open houses with free demos and make and takes for the next two weekends I would like to share.  We sold out again for our Girl's Night Out which was called the Grateful Table.  I loved this night.  It is good to take some time out and think about what you are grateful for and do some paper crafts to go along with the holiday.  Well big day tomorrow for the future of New Jersey----the Governors race-----time to vote....and another goodie is Starbucks is giving out free coffee tomorrow and they switch to red cups.  I love when the new cups come out to check out the graphics.  


Linda said...

A busy time for you! Hope you have a great month!

Blessings always,
Linda :)

Celestial Charms said...

Such pretty stamps. Love that Eiffel tower one with the flag on top. I will be voting here in Texas, but my eye will be on New Jersey's race. Probably the most interesting one in the country right now!

Frippery said...

I will truly miss you at Silver Bella this year. But you are creative every day simply because of where you work! Don't feel pressure to create or it steals the pleasure. You definitely have an interesting election happening. I will be checking it out.Hugs, Pam