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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful, Grateful and Joy full

So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  My week started with a visit from Kathe and Joanna of the store Summerhouse on Arnold Avenue in Pt. Pleasant.  They drove all the way to Princeton after seeing a comment I had left on Lemoncholy's blog about their store.....I can't wait until Friday when I see their store and take some photos to share......Tuesday we went to pick up Ian and Kaylyn in Philadelphia and were able to get seats for White  Christmas (Lorna Luft was fantastic). We came home to news of my mom was in the hospital, but she was home by Friday.  I was able to see my Mom Thanksgiving and then we rode a two hour drive for our traditional Thanksgiving at Glen's family's was a nice relaxing day.  Black Friday was super busy and we had a great day at Princeton Paper Source.  Saturday was a wedding 2 hours away at the tippy top of NJ......small world...Ian's new roomate's brother went through school with the bride......that came to light at Thanksgiving.  Sunday back to work.....and today I am home catching up on some rest.   I also have to catch up on a world I am so thankful for.  The blogworld......
This was sent to me from Jodie of Everything Vintage.....if you know her blog she celebrated her birthday all month long....we share birthdays in October and she was so kind to think of me and sent me this wonderful Birthday gift!!!!  I can't wait to make some projects with the goodies and some cookies with the star cookie cutter. 
This box came with an apron I had lent Pam from Frippery.....this was sewn with Wish you were here ( I missed Silver Bella this year)....I am loving all the pictures and are looking like Kate look great!!!!!!  Inside the fabric pouch was a prayer book...I wanted to share a prayer of Thanksgiving, but decided the prayer for Memories was more appropriate:
We are grateful, for the beautiful memories that are ours.  Especially  do we thank Thee upon every remembrance of those who have touched our lives and made us better.  For those who have inspired us, who believed in us, and who helped us when we were too weak, too immature or too foolish to help ourselves.  We would make it one of the purposes of our lives to be such friends to others that someone of them may thank God when he calls us to mind.
Thanksgiving a time to be thankful for  family, friends, co-workers and all who inspire!!!!!


Frippery said...

Glad you liked your little gift. Thanks for sharing the lovely prayer. I am thankful for friends like you, no matter how distant. The fact that you shared your apron with me made me feel blessed to have met you at Silver Bella. Sounds like your life is super busy right now. Enjoy! Love from Ohio, Pam

Celestial Charms said...

Such a lovely and thoughtful post. This is such a great time of year for taking stock of all that is important. I can't wait till the new year when you might be able to scan your "vintage" family photos. I'm looking forward to your posting some. I just love peeking into the past.
Happy Monday!

Linda said...

I love the prayer you shared - it's so beautiful and I really needed those words tonight. Thanks!!!!

You're such a lovely soul - glad you're my blog friend. ♥

Gledwood said...

Hi Geralyn... I just read your profile... what do you mean "officially" you've been alive for 50 years... are you hiding some 300 year-old++ vampiric truth or something? You look very healthy for 300. I was born in the London equivalent of New Jersey... Hertfordshire and very good it is too. But I live in London town now. Hey one day I might move out to New York City. Do you shop at Macey's???

Gledwood said...

ps I love the prayer ~ v well put

zandra said...

Love the lovely prayer. It was so nice to have the kids home. I hated to see them go back. ;o(
Hugz, Z

Jodie LeJeune said...

Wow Geralyn,
Loved the prayer! It's certainly frame worthy to be looked at and read everyday!!!
Pam looked great in your apron for apron night!!! That was sooo sweet of you. I thought she looked like Meryl Streep...I hope she's not offended by that. Kate Hudson sounds soooo much younger but Meryl is just sooo sophisticated! I swear I didn't mean anything bad by it! ;)
You've been soooo busy but I'm glad you are enjoying your holidays. Mine are not the same this year but I'm still so happy to have all of you that it makes my days very Joyful, which makes me very Thankful and Grateful!!!
everything vintage